Millasan™ | Car Armrest Pet Safety Seat

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Warm, Snug, and Comfortable

Say goodbye to the days of dogs bouncing around the car and jumping dangerously onto the windows with this snug safety seat designed to perfectly fit your little furry friend preventing motion sickness and securing them with the enclosed strap

 Always Strapped In

Whether you've got a single or double armrest box in your car, the included straps can be vertically or horizontally fitted to the armrest making it the most versatile seat in any car. 

Maximum Safety and Stability 

With a strong safety buckle that can be attached to your pet's collar as well as a zipper surrounding the enclosed design of the safety seat, your pet is fully secured and has an adjustable soft pillow that lets them take naps for long road trips ahead. It is completely removable and washable for repeated use.

Always By Your Side

 Keeping your furry friend close to you brings them a sense of warmth, security and comfort. The best part? It'll eliminate their bumpy anxiety-filled rides and let them enjoy the scenery alongside you

Perfect for Pets Under 14 Pounds (6 kg) 

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